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June 14th, 2011

Stuff I Love- GT’s Kombucha

I love this stuff. Really, I do! It’s a treat for me. I don’t buy it all the time since it’s $3.50 a bottle.

It’s super fizzy and a little bright tasting. Some people think it tastes like it has a tiny bit of vinegar in it, but really it’s just a fermented tea with natural fruit juices and the kombucha starter. It’s a great, healthy soda-alternative.

Kombucha started in Russia I believe, and it’s used as a powerful health-giving elixer. It has vitamins and minerals and lots and lots of good bacteria (probiotics). It’s living, organic and raw. Whenever I’m under the weather, this is definitely in my arsenal of “feel good” products. It calms and relaxes me immediately.

During my “monthly” I always grab a bottle to ease cramping. It eases muscle tension and just makes things go much smoother.

A lot of people say they have increased energy and it tames their appetite. I can see how this happens because the drink it’s self it very filling.

My favorite flavor is Guava Goddess. It’s the smoothest tasting in my opinion. If you would like to give it a try, it’s in the refrigerated section at a lot of health food stores.

Check out all the flavors and info here at GT’s Kombucha.