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May 19th, 2010

XOCHITL- My favorite tortilla chip EVER!

I thought I would post about my favorite tortilla chip.  I feel like corn chips are a dime a dozen.  I’ve had quite a few good ones, and a lot of bad ones.  I’ve always favored crisp, thin chips, as opposed to to the thicker ones.  Finding a great organic tortilla seems like it would be even harder!
Most of the chips in the natural section are made with just organic corn and not the oils.  It’s frustrating because it’s also important that the oils are organic as well.  Corn is a grain that is subject to a lot of processing, genetic modification, and chemical pesticides.  Corn is one of the more important grains to make sure you always get organic.
I had never heard of these chips until we had a snow day at a friends house.  She brought some snacks, and these chips were just part of the spread. I was hungry from going up and down the hill, and I was mindlessly eating chips and spinach-artichoke dip.  After I had a handful of these chips, I said, “what kind of chips are these?  These are amazing!”  My friend showed me the bag (it has a challenging name to say), and said, “I guess they got a bunch of awards.”  I’ve been getting them ever since.
They are a little tricky to find.  At some stores, they are in the mexican food section.  They are called Xochitl, pronounced so cheel.  They are thin, delicate, and crisp.  They are salty but not too salty.  I like that this company has 3 different versions to buy.  Two organic kinds, one white corn, and one blue corn, and they have a non organic kind, but still use all natural ingredients, non GMO corn and no preservatives.
This really is a great chip.  Since they are so thin, a whole bowl, 28 grams, is just 140 calories, and 6 grams of fat.
WARNING: These suckers are expensive!  $5.56 a pop.