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November 16th, 2010

Tuesdays Tip: Saving $ On Organic Foods

I get asked a lot how to save money on Organic/Natural foods and supplements. Here are some tips that I use and an Ex coupon junkie.

1. Buy supplements on Ebay. As long as they aren’t outdated and are sealed, you can save a lot buying online.
2. Write the companies you buy from frequently, tell them you like their products, and if they can send you some coupons. Most companies will send you some sort of savings.
3. You can buy organic food coupons on Ebay for cheap.
4. Go to websites such as or the companies own websites. Some have on-line print outs.
5. If your favorite item goes on sale, buy a lot of it if it’s non perishable. I always buy my natural dishwasher detergent on sale and buy a couple of boxes because when it’s on sale, I usually save at least $2 per box!
6. Sometimes, the stores will have coupon books in the front of the store or at the customer service desk. Just ask!
7. Look at expiration dates. If things are close the the expiration date and you knew you will use them before, ask for a discount.
8. Buy in bulk from Amazon or other online companies. Sometimes this is cheaper than buying from the store.
9. Bring your own bags! Some stores give bag discounts, if you bring your own.
10. Shop the bulk bin section for common kitchen ingredients, such as rice, nuts, flour, oats, etc. This is often cheaper than buying a pre-packaged item, because they are saving on packing materials which brings savings to you.

This is how I try to save the most money I can. Living organically can be expensive, but there are savings to be had! It’s better for you and the environment, so it’s worth it in every way!