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March 31st, 2011

Free Organic Seeds!

As I was perusing FaceBook, I saw a link to this!

I’ve been looking through my Seeds Of Change catalogue, to see what I wanted to plant this year. I hadn’t made my order yet because my health food store hadn’t gotten their new seeds in yet, and I thought I would wait to see what they would have to offer. They sell out quick, so when I saw this I signed up immediately! I can’t wait to see what I get.

It’s a great company to support and spread the word about. They use heirloom seeds and they are certified organic. They encourage people to buy the seeds of our grandparents, which haven’t been tampered with, or injected with nasty, harmful chemicals, just for the sake of saving a buck.

There is a small shipping fee, but you’re saving a lot of money by getting these free! Spread the word!

Seeds of Change Sowing Millions Project