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June 25th, 2010

Organic tomato fertilizer

This past weekend, I got to spend some time with my dad, for Fathers Day.  I always try to make a big production out of these “holidays” but, really, all our dads want is to spend time with us.
I got lucky this year.  My dad sat in one place for a total of 90 uninterrupted minutes.  You want to know why?  The World Cup!  My dad lives and breaths soccer and watches it almost everyday.  He played until he was about 50 years old and then had to resort to coaching, due to back problems.
We had a lovely breakfast of french toast and soft boiled eggs.  It was cute because my Dad and I would eat soft boiled eggs almost every morning before work and school.  I think I liked eating them because of the tools involved.  Cute little egg cups, little egg coozies, and teeny tiny spoons to dig out the soft whites oozing with rich yolk.
It’s should never surprise me that I always go home a little wiser because of something my parents told me.  I showed my dad a picture of my new garden and I was so proud of it and thought I was doing everything right.  Just by looking at the picture my dad said, “you need to loosen up that soil so the water can absorb better.”  I thought to myself, duh, I should have known that. As I’ve been watering my garden, the water just stays on top for awhile, due to a crust that formed.  So, I did just that.  I loosened all the soil by all my plants and they are being quenched a lot faster and hopefully it results in heartier plants.
I take my Dads (and Moms) advise because his gardens are very fruitful and well fertilized.  His tomato plants were already as tall as me!  My parents have always thrown their egg shells on their gardens.  I always thought this was unattractive and never thought of the reasoning behind it.  Tomatoes, especially, need calcium and phosphorus so they don’t rot out prematurely.  Egg shells are perfect for this since it contains both, and insures the soil will have enough nutrients to produce a healthy plant and fruit.  So, I’ve been saving my egg shells and grinding them up (it looks nicer) to make an egg meal, and sprinkling them around the plants.  This is a great way to reduce and reuse.
I spent the rest of my time, while my parents were tending their gardening, berry picking.  I was with my dad when he bought the very raspberry plant I was picking from.  We were both standing among the plants, just eating all the berries we could find.  I never thought I liked raspberries until then.  I always hated the artificial raspberry flavored drinks and candies when I was a kid.  This just goes to prove, you can’t mess with nature!  My Dad planted the bush on the south side of the house and it pretty much took over.  I stood among the thorny bushes, picking the most perfect, sun warmed raspberries I could find.  There seems to be nothing better!
Once I picked the bush ,of all the ripe berries, clean, I moved on to the neighbors black raspberry patch.  I began doing this in a swim top, hoping to get a little more sun than just on my face, but got a bunch of bug bites and few sticks from some thorns.  I ran inside, got a one piece snow suit and boots on and went for it.  I  now FULLY appreciate every berry I eat from the store now and gratefully swallow the $5 price tag because these little gems are hard to pick and among being delicate, you need to dress in full body armor just so you don’t get attacked by their surrounding defenses like thrones and mosquitoes!
I ended up collecting about $15 worth of wild berries and I will enjoy every one of them.  I will appreciate the antioxidant boost they will bless my body with and I will never complain about the price again and I will savor every bite of the warm, juicy flavor that only God could come up with!
It was a nice weekend and I learned that just being there, listening and learning is what really makes up those special memories with my parents!