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The Green Genius
I have tried a lot of eco-friendly trash bags in my “green” life so far. It was a frustrating and costly search. Most of the bags I tried we not realistic for daily use, like for a tall kitchen trash can liner. Most were ill sized and of poor quality. They would tear easily, and start to disintegrate after being wet for a little bit. I would say most of the true eco friendly bags out there are not all that strong. Sure, they are prob. great for picking up poo, or as a diaper bag, but not for heavy duty use.

I found the powdery, delicate, expensive bags a waste of money, but I couldn’t stand the thought of using real plastic bags for the kitchen and other trash cans in the house. I gave it one last go, and I found The Green Genius! Hallelujah, my search was over! A true, biodegradable, strong, true to size, “plastic” bag! They are awesome, and I haven’t had a problem since I’ve bought them over a year ago. I use nothing else for my throw-aways.

I order mine in bulk off of amazon to save a couple of bucks. If you’re like me and can’t stand the thought of using plastic bags, try these!

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  1. I too love these bags (along with the zip top bags) but haven’t been able to find them for quite awhile. Either online or in stores. Any ideas?

  2. My health food store carries them, but I am curious as to why they are not instock on Amazon and their site is “currently unavailable”. I hope they aren’t going out of business.

  3. These bags are super! I use the quart and gallon size storage, freezer and the trash bags. I have been ordering them through my food co-op,, but the last couple months they have not been available. I too am perplexed and I certainly hope they aren’t going out of business.

  4. Green Genius is out of Eco Friendly business.

    I am using Green ‘N’ Pack products now and it’s awesome !!

  5. Boo, the company is no more =( The search continues.

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