Bellicon Benefits

I haven’t written about rebounding in awhile. I’ve had a couple of people email me, telling me they were inspired to buy a rebounder. I think rebounding is truly amazing and I would encourage anyone to try it. It’s so fun and it doesn’t feel like a drag to do it.

I came across this video, from the founder of Bellicon, and I feel like it explains so much, that I can’t, about the rebounder! Check it out!

Co-Inventor Philipp von Kunhardt about the bellicon from bellicon usa on Vimeo.

If you want more info click here

2 Comments to “Bellicon Benefits”

  1. Thank you for your reviews about Bellicon! Has it given you the results you had hoped for? Do you get a “runners high” from bouncing? One lady says this happens to her just from bouncing for a few minutes (bot not on a Bellicon I don’t think), and I’m wondering if it might be due to the lymph movement. Some say the spring-based rebounders move lymph better, but it looks to me like the Bellicon would do just as well in that area. Would love to hear more comments from you! 🙂

  2. Yes! I am getting the results I want. There is definitely a “runners high”, from the Bellicon. If I’m sluggish durning the day, all I have to do is have a couple bounces on my Bellicon, and I’m re-energized! I can’t say good enough things about it!

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