Crack Corn

This past Christmas, we had a big Christmas party for B’s family. I was trying not to over do it by making everything from scratch, and giving myself a guilt-free pass by buying some short cuts.

While we were at Target, of all places, I found the most delicious organic kettle corn. I didn’t know I liked kettle corn all that much, but this was hitting the spot! I kept going back for more and then I thought, I can probably make this. I guess I always assumed to get good kettle corn, you had to go to a fair and get it from a big guy in bib over-alls, and get it in a brown paper bag.

It turns out I’m wrong! It makes me feel bad that I bought packaged kettle corn. It also makes me feel bad that it’s as easy as it is. I call the recipe “Crack Corn” because you can’t stop eating it! The first time I made it, I had a couple of handfuls and said that was enough, and put the rest in a tin for later. I popped the tin open for just a little more. The tin was empty before I knew it! Oh bother. I was happy to know I wasn’t the only one though, everyone else can’t seem to stop either.

I think the secret is in the salt. Making it very fine and dust-like, helps it melt into the warm caremelized popcorn. I think the coconut oil is also a fresher choice of oil, whereas butter would make it too heavy. I hated microwave kettlecorn, back in the day. It was just too strong and I think that was because of the fake butter taste.

I also discovered how to make perfect popcorn. I had been using a pot with a lid all this time, and all this time I get wet soggy bits on the popped kernels. I thought I was good at making popcorn, until making it this way. I read around on a bunch of sites how to make it perfect and the best way is – a heavy bottomed pot with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan (the oil is just a conductor of heat to the corn so you don’t have to go nuts) and a piece of aluminum foil covering the pot tightly with holes poked through it for the steam to escape and give it a shake every now and then so it doesn’t burn. Voila! Perfect crisp popcorn.

Make it and tell me it’s not addictive!

Crack Corn aka Kettle Corn

1 heavy bottomed pot
1 piece of aluminum foil to cover to pot
1 tooth pick
1 rimmed cookie sheet
2 T. organic virgin coconut oil
1/2 C. organic popping corn
1/4 C+ 2 T organic cane sugar
1 t sea salt

In a food processor, blend your salt until fine and powdery and set aside.
In the bottom of the pot on med/high heat melt the oil
Add a kernel of corn to the pot and wait until it pops to let you know when the oil is ready.
Add the corn kernels and stir them around to coat, then add the sugar and stir everything a couple of times
Quickly cover with the aluminum foil tightly and them poke holes in it with the tooth pick.
Let the kernels start popping and give it a shake every now and then so it doesn’t burn.
Once the popping slows ( this all takes about 1.5 minutes) turn off the heat and wait til there is no more popping.
Empty the pot onto a rimmed cookie sheet and quickly and evenly sprinkle the salt over the pop corn and stir to coat it all while its hot.
*You can add or decrease the sugar to your taste as well as the salt.

4 Comments to “Crack Corn”

  1. hey gal! i was planning on popping some kettle corn and baking at a low temp with peanut butter and peanuts, cooling, then adding in a few chocolate chips this weekend and handing out as valentine’s gifts at work! i’ll be using this as my base recipe., though we usually use a wok with foil for popping corn.

  2. So glad to see that you use organic popping corn and sugar. And I absolutely can’t wait to try popping corn with foil instead of a lid! I’ll try the kettle corn too.

  3. Dearest Wholesome Home,
    your crack corn rings of Momofuku deliciousness. I am compiling a post on the essentials of stovetop popcorn and am hoping you won’t mind if I include a link to this fabulous post. Let me know!
    Thank you!
    Joanna @ Stoveless

  4. Sure Joanna! Thanks for stopping by!

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