Birth and Death

We started the year off by ringing in the New Year and celebrating two births, my Husband’s and my Mother-In-Law’s. We were almost pooped with celebrating. In the early days of January, I always think about the year ahead and what’s going to be in my parent’s annual Christmas letter. When we were kids, it was all about our accomplishments, who we were dating, what we were up to, our family vacation’s etc. Now that my Brother and I are married and out of the house, the letter is a little shorter and filled with a vacation experiences, monumental birthday’s and a few sad announcements about someone’s passing.

The letter in 2011 will not be lacking any sadness. My dad woke me up with news that my “Uncle” had passed away this morning. I knew my Dad (and Mom) had already been through the ringer for hours, since they were able to bring themselves to bear the bad news, all by 9 AM. They were there, lending their support and shoulders to cry on for my “Aunt”. I made sure my Dad was “okay” before I hung up and absorbed the news.

I had been prepared in advance that this was a possibility, since my “Uncle” had been fighting cancer for awhile. It still seems so unreal. I’m honestly disturbed and shocked at how fast news travels. I was already receiving texts of sympathy a half hour after I found out. This bugs me in a way. Sometimes I feel like people are bragging that they already know.

I keep putting quotations around Uncle because I’m not related to him by blood. He’s the “best friend” Uncle. My Dad and Mom’s best friends. My Uncle was the one who did all our family films, cracked jokes, and pulled pranks. He wasn’t afraid to “let one” in public and blame it on my “Aunt”! He was the first person I learned the “pull my finger” joke from. I learned a lot of culture and manners from them. I ate fancy dinners at their house, and got spoiled with VHS tapes of all the Disney Princess movies he taped for me. He always had a soft spot for me, and he was the man in my life, aside from my dad and husband, who ALWAYS told me how beautiful I was. He had a beautiful daughter that modeled, so I always felt flattered.

My Uncle will be missed for sure but Heaven will be a lot funnier now that he’s there.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. yesterday, mu grand mother passed away. She was 93 years ols! She, also, will be dearly missed!

    What a lovely touching post!

  2. Sophie,

    Thank you, and I too am sorry for the loss of your Grandmother. What a long life she got to live!

  3. Thanks that was beautiful. Chris and I thank you very much.

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