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July 15th, 2010

Update: First Physical In Years

I feel like I’m slowly (mentally) being starved.  Not really, but it just seems like that.  B and I made a doctor’s appointment back at the end of May.  Neither one of us has had a physical since… I don’t know when.  I thought it was about time, especially since some of the small aches and pains complaints from B couldn’t be solved with my “magic potion” (apple cider vinegar).

I had started myself on an iodine supplement program and I wanted to find a doctor who was competent with iodine.  My search lead me to a practice two hours away.  I wasn’t thrilled with the drive, but I thought it was probably going to be worth it after I had a phone consult with one of the PA’s.  It seemed like a good fit.

As I was watching the doctor read over my 15 page questionnaire, I was a little nervous with her “all business” demeanor.  After we talked and I had answered questions and asked some of my own, she said she thought I had a leaky gut!  I thought, “Wow, I study every thing, why haven’t I studied this?!”.  She explained why she thought this was, and told me I should limit my consumption of grains.  I told her that I tried going gluten-free before and that it made me sick all the time.  She said that my dependence on other grains was probably causing the digestive issues.

There were several blood tests B and I had done.  After feeling like I was attacked by a vampire, B and I crashed the minute we got home.  Once I woke up, I studied leaky gut  and grain impact, for quite a few hours.  I even watched video diaries of children with autism be completely healed through diet and supplements and environmental detox.  It’s scary what our every day conveniences are doing to the next generation of children.

It seemed so much easier this time, not eating as many grains.  Maybe it was because the doctor B met with told him to watch his carbs, so we were in this together.  Or, maybe it was because I wasn’t trying to keep a tally of slip-ups and I was choosing to just back off on all grains, not eliminating them completely (do you know how depressing that would be!).

After getting over the shock of “what am I going to eat?” and thinking of creative ways to rethink my eating style, I think we’re going to make it!  I made simple changes, like using bib or romaine lettuce instead of burger buns, eating more greens so I feel full, and eating a lot of black beans because they don’t make me feel bad and finding creative ways to use coconut flour for baked goods.  I’ve been eating almost a cup of brown rice a week, which is pretty good for me.

I had, what some call a “wheat belly” before, and now my stomach lays flat.  B has lost quite a few pounds since cutting back and I have also maintained a small weight loss even though I don’t “need” to lose weight.  I don’t feel bloated anymore (which was a constant), much less heartburn,  my skin is much clearer, and my case of eczema that popped up out of nowhere last Easter has completely gone away!  I was freaking out because nothing would make it stop itching and I would scratch so hard I would break the skin and bleed.  I had never had it before and I think it was part of a “health crisis” (when you detoxify your body to the point where everything bad surfaces at one time).  After I started eating less grains, I noticed one day that it was completely gone, and is still gone!

I think this is going to be a life-time commitment,  so I will probably post a lot of recipes that are sans-grain and gluten but not all the time.  As I explore this new world, I hope I can be a guiding light for some who wish to join me.  You know that saying “Nothing taste as good as skinny feels?”  Well, I think it should change to “Nothing grain, tastes as good as not feeling bloated feels!”

Here are my before and after pictures of my shins where the eczema had been.  I took then with my phone, so sorry about the quality, but you get the point.